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Erasmus+ project: Development of Interdisciplinary skills for cooperation and conflict management (DISCOM)

In September 2019 Turiba University (Riga) in cooperation with 5 partner Universities from Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Austria has started to implement Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project which aims to elaborate different study and teaching materials for development of interdisciplinary and soft skills of students.

The main results will be video lectures, study materials, mobile phone application for daily studies, reading materials and self-study materials. In frame of the project partners will also train the students and trainers.

Project number: 2019-1-LV01-KA203-060423

Duration of the project: 36 months (01.09.2019.-30.08.2022)

Project leaflet 
Project website: http://skills.turiba.lv/


Project meetings and activities

+++ 1. Project meeting at the University of Riga, Latvia

The first project meeting took place on 9th of October 2019 in Riga. The work packages which were already elaborated in the project proposal were further concretized and first ideas about the structure and content of the training and study materials collected.

+++ 2. Project meeting (online)

In spring 2020 the project partners conducted a survey among students in which they were asked about their knowledge on soft skills. The results of this survey were analyzed and discussed in course of the second project meeting on the 23rd of April 2020. Among other things, the survey serves as the basis for the development of various study and teaching materials supporting trainings about social skills.

Results of the survey “soft skills of the students”

In another online meeting on the 15th of May 2020 the development of a mobile phone app was discussed, which is specifically designed to promote communication, cooperation, conflict management and time management skills.


Head Assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Sascha Ferz


Information Dr. iur. Dr. phil. Bakk.phil. Karin Sonnleitner Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3657


Information Mag. Verena Gschweitl Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3657 oder 3343

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